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Mesh Silicone Mats


Bake-O-Glide® finds extensive usage in the bakery, confectionery, food freezing, and catering sectors.

Our mesh silicone baking mats offer a wide range of applications. Similarly to our solid silicone mats, our mesh mats won't impart any flavours onto your dishes, thanks to their non-reactive nature, ensuring your sweet and savoury creations maintain their distinct tastes. Silicone baking mats are incredibly versatile and are perfect for preparing an array of delectable delights, including, but certainly not restricted to, bread, pastries, cookies, and meringues. Our mesh silicone mats are designed to allow airflow to the base of food items, during baking, cooling or storage, with the main benefit being the prevention of soggy bases.


  • The mesh silicone mat can be used similarly to our solid silicone to bake, store and prepare the perfect sweet treats. With an operating temperature of -40°C to 250°C, it allows you to freeze your food items and take them straight to the oven without changing surface, if necessary.
  • Providing hundreds of uses before wearing out, if cared for correctly, the mesh silicone mat is a cost-effective alternative to single-use greaseproof paper for any kitchen.
  • Imperfect cake bottoms from cooling racks and trivets are a pain. The mesh silicone mat can be used to line a cooling rack and prevent the cake from sinking, increasing product yield and preventing waste. The mesh surface allows airflow to the base of the cake to cool, but the fine mesh still provides a surface solid enough to prevent the cake from sinking.

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