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How Could Our Products Benefit You?

  • Easy Food Release: Easy to remove confections like candies, chocolates, and baked goods from trays or pans without sticking. This ensures that the finished products maintain their shape, appearance and do not break when removed, increasing your sellable yield.
  • Reduced Waste: Reduce your reliance on disposable parchment paper or other single-use liners. Save money and reduce waste making our liners a more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, our liners help reduce food waste as the liners ensure a higher percentage of food does not stick and tear, leaving it to be removed cleanly, in a saleable condition.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Achieve consistent results throughout an entire batch. Perfect for confectioners who need precise temperature control to create perfect candies, pastries, or chocolates.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Save time, and therefore money, with our PTFE liners and silicone mats as they are easy to clean. Simply wipe or rinse with warm soapy water to remove any residue or left-over food products. Our PTFE liners are also dishwasher safe. Our products can significantly reduce time and effort spent on post-production clean-up.
  • Versatility: PTFE liners and silicone mats can be used for a wide range of confectionery applications, such as baking, candy making, chocolate tempering, and sugar work. They are versatile tools that can adapt to various production needs.
  • Cost Savings: While the initial cost of PTFE liners or silicone mats may be higher compared to disposable alternatives, their durability and reusability make them a cost-effective choice over time. Save money by investing in quality liners that last for many uses.
  • Allergy Friendly Baking: With our range of coloured liners, you can keep foods separate and prevent cross-contamination. Perfect for confectioners that produce gluten-free sweet treats.
  • Liners Perfect for Icing and Decoration: Our 3T liners are transparent enough for delicate royal icing, run-outs, flooding or any other sugarcraft work. Trace a pattern through the material with your piping bag, let it set and simply peel away.

Please also review or download our Food, Baking & Confectionery brochure.
All our PTFE products are manufactured from PFOA free dispersions.

PTFE Thickness Explained

A higher number indicates a thicker material. For example, a 3T thickness signifies a material that is three thousandths of an inch thick, while 5T represents a material that is five thousandths of an inch thick.
Typically, a thicker material translates to a more durable and long-lasting product, provided it is properly maintained. However, this durability comes at the expense of reduced flexibility and increased weight.

Our Recommendations

Our 5T material is the most diverse product we offer, suitable for most applications, such as: food production, baking, or cooking.
For applications that require a protective surface, or a more durable material for high-wear situations, our 10T material is the more suitable option.
On the other hand, our 3T material provides a thinner, translucent option for more delicate works, such as icing and confectionary. This material can also serve as a more budget friendly alternative to our 5T material.
If you have any doubts or questions about which would best suit your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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