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Cerutti Inox is an Italian based company that specialise in large-scale stainless steel sheet processing, for the hotel and home sector, recognised globally for their quality and reliability.

Providing high-quality anodized aluminium pizza peels, paddles and turners. Alongside essential pizza making tools, like pizza cutters and pizza oven brushes.
Cerutti Inox products are essential for any restaurant or professional kitchen wanting to make the highest quality pizza possible.
With a different range of pizza peels available, there is a solution for every kitchen. For a pizza peel designed for domestic use, the Smart range is available, or for more high-output kitchens the more durable Tough range exists.

Why Choose Cerutti Inox?

Experts in crafting professional pizza tools for over six decades.

Holes – Almond-shaped holes reduce flour and semolina build up, helping to prevent burnt bases whilst aiding release of pizzas.
Rigidity - Shovels are manufactured to be rigid, ideal for working flat. Their rigid structure prevents warping and ensures longevity.
Material – Made from anodised aluminium, which is corrosion resistant, lightweight and robust.
Rib - The Dolphin tail shaped rib fits the shape of the pizza, preventing deformities, whilst improving the stability of the peel.
Rivets - 3 solid rivets ensures strength & safety connecting the handle to the head.
Handle – The tubular oval design, aids grip & reduce heat transfer. Comes with hanging hook.
Collaboration - Cerutti Inox has worked for many years with NIP Food , the Italian National Pizza Makers.

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