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Falcon Products Ltd is a three-generation, family-owned business that has over three decades of expertise.

Day 2 at HRC 2024

It’s day 2 of the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering show and we’re proud to be showcasing some of our new products from Cerutti Inox.

Tulip Pizza Peel

Pizza Peels made in Italy by Cerutti Inox. An upgraded version of a traditional pizza shovel - highly resistant to corrosion, wear and tear and high temperatures - this product is durable and ideal for professional pizza makers.
  • The milled front edge aids loading of the pizza onto the pizza peel, minimising the chance of tears, and improves launching pizzas into the oven.
  • Cut holes in the paddle aids the prevention of any build-up of flour or semolina on the pizza base to prevent burning.
  • Anodised aluminium aids heat dissipation which further helps to prevent burning.

We’re also proud to showcase the Bake-O-Glide® Professional range for commercial and industrial food manufacturing.
Our versatile Bake-O-Glide® baking sheets are suitable for both sweet and savoury preparations as there is no flavour transfer between washes.
We offer a range of PTFE non-stick solutions. We offer either standard or bespoke options, which we can customise to different needs within different industries.

  • Non-stick
  • Reusable
  • Long-wearing
  • More Environmental

Silicone Baking Mat

Heat distribution, which dissipates quickly, preventing the baked goods from burning and ensuring a crisp texture with no sogginess on the bottom.

Baking Mesh Mats

Similar to the silicone baking mat with its non-stick, reusable silicone coating. However, unlike other baking mats, the mesh allows for airflow beneath the food item to allow for a crispier base and more even heat distribution.

High Speed Oven Accessories

Offering a range of non-stick and reusable PTFE trays or sheets that are the ideal accessory for high speed ovens. Perfect for coffee shops, sandwich bars and restaurants requiring a fast, non-stick cooking experience.

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