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Corzetti Pasta Stamp

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Corzetti (sometimes called croxetti or curzetti) are small, thin rounds of pasta which are pressed with the special wooden hand-tool to create an embossed pattern. This embossing helps the pasta to hold the sauce and add flavour. The finished pasta has a pattern on both sides, with an intricate design on one side and a ridged pattern on the other.

Corzetti pasta is typically found in the Riviera di Levante, on the Ligurian coast near Genova. The name is thought to come from the medieval Genoan coin, the corzetto.

Fleur Di Lis (Florence Lily)
Wheat Ear

5.3 x 5.5 cm (makes 5cm round pasta)

How to make Corzetti
Roll out a sheet of fresh pasta.
Using the cutting side of the stamp, cut out the round discs.
Place a disc onto the ridged surface of the stamp.
Take the patterned side of the stamp and press onto the pasta disc.
Remove the corzetti pasta from the mould allow to dry a little and then it is ready for cooking.
Corzetti are usually served with a simple meat or mushroom sauce, pesto, pine nut or walnut sauce, fish sauce, or a light cream sauce.

Hand wash only, do not leave in water.
Ideally let any excess pasta dry and then brush off with a small cleaning brush.

Made in Italy

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