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Bake-O-Mesh Black Basket

Stock Code: MBASK02


Bake-O-Mesh Basket is a reusable, non-stick basket for designed cooking and baking. The mesh design allows for airflow all around your food item, unlike a conventional cooking & baking tray which is solid on the bottom. This prevents the bottom from being soggy and maintaining a crispier exterior to whatever food you may cook in the mesh basket. Perfect for chips, chicken tenders, pastries or reheating leftovers.
Similarly to most Bake-O-Glide products, it is non-stick and dishwasher proof making it easy to clean. The same Bake-O-Glide quality you would expect, just in a different form. Get higher quality food for less hassle. A must-buy for your oven.
The mesh design means that any juices, fats or other forms of residue may drip into the bottom of the oven, so we recommend placing the mesh basket on a shelf above a Bake-O-Glide Extra Thick Oven Liner.

Size: 31 x 25 x 5cm

Maximum Working Temperature: 260°C / 500°F

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