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EBS - Essential Baking Set

Stock Code: EBS01


A curated set of pre-cut Bake-O-Glide non-stick, reusable liners for all your baking needs. No need to be cutting parchment paper over and over after buying this baking set. Cut to size once, if necessary, and reuse hundreds of times.

The Essential Baking Set includes:

  • 2 x 17.5cm dia. circles to suit 18cm Sponge and Cake Tin
  • 2 x 20cm dia. circles to suit 20cm Sponge and Cake Tin
  • 2 x wall side liner to suit 18 or 20cm Cake Tins
  • 2 x Baking Sheet Liners


  • Use for Baking, Roasting, Grilling, Frying
  • For use in gas, electric and solid fuel ovens/cookers
  • Can be used 100’s of times over
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher proof
  • No soaking or scouring
  • Use both sides
  • Fat free cooking no need to use oil, grease or fat
  • Easy to cut with household scissors
  • Even burned on food simply glides off
  • No more kitchen foil, parchment, greaseproof / silicone paper


  • No need for grease, oil or flour when using Bake-O-Glide® liners
  • Bake-O-Glide® is also suitable for use in the freezer (-40°C)
  • Maximum working temperature 260°C (500°F / Gas Mark 8)
  • Wash before and after use in warm soapy water and dry.
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Use both sides
  • Store rolled or flat, do not fold or crease
  • Do not cut directly on the liner, do not use sharp implements or scourers
  • Do not use Bake-O-Glide® directly on elements or flames
  • Bake-O-Glide® will darken with use, but will not affect its performance

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