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We Love Pasta

This collection offers a truly diverse selection of pasta making tools, gadgets and accessories, perfect for producing a wide range of homemade pasta.

Auto Ejector Ravioli Stamps

Beechwood Handle - Aluminium Ravioli Stamps

Beechwood Cutter Rolling Pins

Beechwood Cutter Rolling Pins

Beechwood Gnocchi/­Garganelli Paddles

Gnocchi Paddles made from natural Beechwood

Beechwood Ravioli Rolling Pins

Natural Beechwood Ravioli Rolling Pins

Beechwood Rolling Pins

Natural Beechwood Rolling Pins

Beechwood Scoops/Shovels

Natural Beechwood Scoops & Shovels

Beechwood Spatulas

Natural Beechwood Spatula

Beechwood Spoons

Natural Beechwood Spoon

Beechwood Stackable Dryer

Natural Beechwood Stackable Dryer

Chitarra Pasta Cutter

Beechwood 'Chitarra' Pasta Cutter with Birchwood Slide
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