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Stop Scrubbing, Get Gliding!

The chore of scrubbing cooking tins, baking trays and oven bottoms is unpleasant and time consuming. Burned on food can be difficult to remove, involving the use of strong chemicals and scouring pads, some of which can often damage the coating of the tin or oven. Traditional methods of using tin foil or greaseproof paper are not always efficient; they also end up being quite costly as they can only be used once.

Bake-O-Glide products provide a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution. The material can be used repeatedly, meaning it has better value for money and is kinder to the environment than tin foil or greaseproof paper. Highly resistant to extremes of temperature (effective between -40 and +260 degrees Celsius), Bake-O-Glide material is suited to all culinary uses including roasting, microwaving, freezing, frying and grilling. The products all come with a full guarantee to be non-stick and also dishwasher-proof.

A popular product in the range is our extra-thick Bake-O-Glide oven bottom liner. Making the backbreaking use of harsh chemicals and metal scouring pads totally unnecessary, the liner can be used hundreds of times, with burned-on food simply washing away in hot soapy water. The liner is quickly cut to size with ordinary household scissors and fitted onto the floor of the oven. Suitable for use in both fan and convection ovens, the highly versatile material is an incredibly innovative and useful creation.

We also supply a wide range of Bake-O-Glide products for baking cakes and loaves. Bringing the same non-stick, easy-to-clean benefits as the oven liner, the products are sold in an array of different sets and as single rolls, making selecting the right set of products for your particular requirements a simple matter.

At Falcon Products, we pride ourselves on providing essential, innovative tools and gadgets to assist with creating many different types of food and Bake-O-Glide is just one of the many exciting ranges we supply to the culinary enthusiast. All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality and we endeavour to provide only the best customer service. For advice or information, please contact us by telephone or by using the ‘Make Enquiry’ function on our home page. Please enjoy browsing the rest of our website.

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