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Perfect Pasta

At Falcon Products, we love pasta. In fact we love it so much, there was really no question when it came to deciding on a name for our fantastic brand of home-made pasta tools and accessories. The We Love Pasta collection of products offers a unique and diverse selection of gadgets to make delicious pasta at home.

The first recorded use of the word pasta in English comes from 1874, directly taken from the same Italian word meaning “dough or pastry cake”. As early as the 2nd century BC a dish called lagana was served, an ancient ancestor of our modern day lasagne. Large-scale pasta production dates back to Italy in the 1600’s; the well-known company Buitoni, who are still highly active to this date, became one of the most successful pasta companies in 1867, producing an incredible range of shapes and textures.

Today, a great majority of the pasta we use comes from the supermarket. Although there are many delicious brands available, nothing can really come close to the taste produced by making it from scratch at home. Many off-the-shelf brands contain added ingredients such as colours and preservatives and there is no way of telling how long it has been in storage, waiting to be displayed, bought and then finally cooked and eaten. With home-made pasta, the ingredients can be carefully controlled which is particularly suitable to those with intolerances to foods such as glucose or eggs. Making pasta at home is also a great way to involve children in the process of cooking. It is important to teach children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and involving them in the preparation and cooking of food can prove a highly valuable lesson.

The We Love Pasta range includes cutting boards and wheels, ravioli trays and stamps in a variety of shapes, drying racks, rollers, rolling pins, scoops and shovels. The use of beechwood means they are durable and attractive whilst being safe and comfortable to use, making them ideal for any level of user skill. As with all of our superior products, the We Love Pasta range comes with perfection as standard and our expert team are always available to assist and advise. Home-made pasta is healthier, tastier and better value than shop-bought brands and we aim to provide everything needed to turn this staple food into a gourmet treat.

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