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An anti-slip mat used to help prevent and protect objects from accidental damage caused by slipping and other unwanted movement on smooth surfaces.

Gripo has a wide range of applications where items, large and small need to be secured from moving around.

Re-usable and easy to clean, Gripo has 100’s of uses!

Anti-Slip Coaster (Pack of 4)

Pre cut anti-slip coasters - stops your mugs, cups and saucers, beakers and glasses slipping.

Anti-Slip Placemats (Pack of 4)

Pre cut anti-slip placemats - stops your plates & dishes slipping.

Anti-Slip Multipurpose Mat

Pre cut anti-slip multipurpose mat - can also be cut to size with scissors.

Anti-Slip Fridge Protector

Pre cut anti-slip Fridge Protectors - 600mm x 300mm

Anti-Slip Boot / Cargo Liner

Pre cut anti-slip liner for lining boot/cargo area of vehicles.
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