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Bake-O-Glide™ Non-stick Reusable Baking / Cooking Liners

Bake-O-Glide™ is widely used throughout the bakery, confectionery, food freezing and catering industry, for use in tins, trays, ovens, microwaves and freezers.

No fat, grease or oil is required. With care Bake-O-Glide™ will last 100’s of times over. The same Bake-O-Glide™ baking sheets can be used for either sweet or savoury goods as there is no transfer of flavour between washes

Standard sizes to fit trays 18” x 30”, 600mm x 400mm and Gastronorm 530mm x 325mm. One-Liners for lining cake tins which fit the base and sides (no cutting required) precut to suit tins up to 9”, over this size would be supplied in two pieces base and fringed wall lining for a better fit.

Easy to clean, wipe with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water. Use both sides, working temperature - 40°C to 260°C. Dishwasher Safe.

All Bake-O-Glide™ PTFE products are manufactured from PFOA free dispersions

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