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Currently broadcasting on the UKTV Good Food Channel, Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries is an instructive, fun-filled and mouthwateringly inspiring show. The brand new series offers a personal insight from Ireland's celebrity chef Rachel into how cakes play a significant role in our lives. Through the 'diaries', which reveal an array of life events from large occasions such as weddings and birthdays through to the simple social ritual of coffee and cake with friends and colleagues, Rachel explores the possibilities and reveals a cake to suit every mood and moment. This brings a truly astonishing array of tasty morsels from the oven, from simple brownies and muffins to elaborate cupcakes and triple-layered offerings, all of whose methods for baking are clearly outlined. The show also contains lots of baking tips including icing, decorating and serving suggestions which can be amended in a variety of ways to create uniquely personalised and appetising cakes.

Rachel Allen has always been interested in the culinary world, attending the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland from the age of 18. After her graduation she was employed as a cook at the nearby Ballymaloe House Hotel before returning to the school as a teacher some years later. The Irish television channel RTÉ broadcast Rachel's first series Rachel's Favourite Food in September of 2004, accompanied by a book of the same name. The series was a runaway success and two more series and books quickly followed; broadcast rights for the shows were sold to Australia, Italy and the USA. Rachel became known in the UK through her regular appearances on Saturday Kitchen, BBC's early-morning cookery show.

Falcon are extremely proud to report that Rachel makes good use of our Bake-O-Glide products to facilitate her baking on the show. Clearly of a professional standard, our cooking liner is far superior to tin foil, greaseproof paper, silicone parchment and others. With the non-stick guarantee and heat resistance of -40°C to 260°C is coupled with its reusability, the combination makes it great value and saves immensely on labour, making it ideal for anyone who wishes to bake, from the home enthusiast to the TV celebrity chef.

We look forward to the rest of the series and look forward to seeing what other stunning creations Rachel can invent with the use of our professional-standard, innovative and unique Bake-O-Glide range.

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